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Harvard celebrates Bacow inauguration with giant party in the Yard

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Harvard has had only 29 presidents since its founding in 1636, 140 years before there even was a United States of America. So the inauguration of a new leader in Cambridge is a special day, replete with rituals, robes, and relics. But it’s also a celebration, so the installation of Larry Bacow was followed by a giant block party in the Old Yard, with the entire Harvard community invited. Here are some moments and details from a pitch-perfect October afternoon.

21 Colorful Crimson sings

For Tania Dominguez-Rangel ’21, the inauguration of Larry Bacow as president provided a chance to perform her favorite songs with her musical group during the festive block party in the Old Yard that followed the formal ceremony.

A concentrator in Romance languages and literature, Dominguez-Rangel sang with the group 21 Colorful Crimson while people enjoyed the music and sampled the food.

“The ceremony was very traditional,” said Dominguez-Rangel, a Mexican flag tied around her waist. “I plan to enjoy the party after our performance and before going to a club meeting.”

— Liz Mineo, Harvard Staff Writer

Photos, signatures, and dance moves

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