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Bullets Fall Out Of Florida Man’s Amazon Package

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MELBOURNE, Fla. (CBS Local) — A Florida man recently ordered some supplies on Amazon and got a big surprise when the package arrived at his home.

Kurt Mullins, an actor based in Melbourne, went on Amazon to find a video production green screen and some supplies for his career.

“I initially took the green screen out of the box, and I felt something else rattling around,” Mullins told News 13. “The box was damaged and had a lot of excess tape on it.”

What was inside shocked him.

“I just kind of dumped it out, and it was a box of 9mm bullets all over the floor, and I was like ‘whoa.’”

(38) SPECIAL DELIVERY: #Melbourne man finds a new box full of 9 mm bullets in his @amazon package. Company investigating how they got in the damaged, taped up box. He turned ammo over to @MelbournePolice for proper disposal. Story at 5 pm @MyNews13 #Brevard pic.twitter.com/WL44aArNL7

— Greg Pallone (@gpallone13) October 12, 2018

Mullins said he immediately contacted Amazon. The company promised to investigate and advised him to turn the ammo in to local police for proper disposal.

Amazon and its third parties do not permit the sale or delivery of ammunition.

Mullins, a former Army National Guard reservist who still owns firearms, said he was relieved that the ammo found its way to him and not a family with children.

“If they were to get damaged, they could misfire, go off on their own, and that could cause an injury,” Mullins said.

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